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10 affordable gifts for friends and family under $10

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Americans spent over $9 billion on online shopping during Black Friday alone this year, according to Adobe Analytics. But that doesn’t mean everyone has completed their holiday shopping.

If you’re still looking for small stocking stuffers, CNBC Make It rounded up 10 fun ideas that cost $10 or less.

Source: Two Rivers Coffee

1. Sip on some nostalgia 

Two Rivers Coffee Candy-Flavored Hot Chocolate

Price: $1.59

If your family and friends are fans of nostalgic treats like Junior Mints and Tootsie Rolls, surprise them with a trio of hot chocolate pods that taste like the original candies. These pods are compatible with 2.0 Keurig K-Cup brewers and are sold at CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide. You can also find larger packages on Amazon

Source: Green Goo

2. Go for an all-natural look

Green Goo Lip Balm

Price: $2.95

If you know someone who wants to use more all-natural products, then Green Goo’s lip balms may be a good place to start. These lip balms are plant-based and use ingredients that are cruelty-free and sustainably sourced. Plus, they contain natural sun protection.

The balms come in three flavors: citrus zest, cool mint and sweet honey.

Source: Bathpack

3. Brush on the go

Bathpack Silver Mini Brush

Price: $4

While most of us have put travel plans on hold this year, it’s never too early to start dreaming and planning for the next adventure. Bathpack’s silver mini brush is perfectly travel sized and easy to pack for any trip. For those staying close to home, it’s a handy tool to keep in a car or purse for last-minute hair touch-ups. 

Source: LEGO

4. Build the perfect holiday tree

LEGO Holiday Tree

Price: $4.99

Get everyone on your gift list into the holiday spirit with this cute holiday tree set from LEGO. This is the type of tree that fits anywhere with no watering required.

The mini building kit comes with 70 pieces, including colorful lights and a star tree topper, plus two gifts to place beneath the tree itself.

Source: Fatty Sundays

5. Hold the gluten

Fatty Sunday Gluten-Free Toffee Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Price: $6.95

If you have someone on your list this year who doesn’t eat gluten, it’s worth checking out Fatty Sunday’s toffee and milk chocolate treats, which are made with gluten-free pretzels. The Brooklyn-based family business has a wide range of other chocolate covered pretzel flavors as well. 

6. Send a cookie

Cheryl’s Winter Wishes Cookie Card

Price: $7

If you typically send holiday cards to friends and family, consider stepping it up a notch this year by adding a cookie. With Cheryl’s, you can send a cookie card, complete with a holiday message and a scrumptious treat.

The company offers a wide variety of options beyond the snowman cookies (including for birthdays and other celebrations) and some are priced starting at just $5 per cookie, including delivery fees. 

Source: Suck UK

7. Don’t stop the beat

Suck UK Drumstick Pens

Price: $8

Whether you’ve got an amateur or professional musician on your list this year, a set of pens shaped like drumsticks will help them practice their drumming rhythms wherever they are. The pens are made from sustainable wood and available in blue or black ink. 

Source: Omnom

8. Snag some Icelandic chocolate

Omnom Icelandic Chocolate Bars

Price: $8.99

Omnom — started by two friends in Reykjavík, Iceland in 2013 — sells small-batch chocolate bars that are made from single-origin cocoa beans. Many of the bars offer unique flavor combinations such as SuperChocoBerryBarleyNibblyNuttylicious (sprinkled with cranberries, salted almonds, puffed barley and cacao nibs) and Black n’ Burnt Barley, which has tasting notes of burnt toast and coffee. Each bar comes sectioned not in traditional squares, but geometric shards. 

Source: Olika

9. Stay safe and hydrated

Olika Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray

Price: $9

As the winter months set in, constantly using regular hand sanitizer can really dry out your friend’s and family’s hands. That’s where Olika’s new spray comes into play. Made with 65% ethyl alcohol to eliminate bacteria, this hand sanitizer also has a blend of aloe and glycerin to help skin stay hydrated. It comes in five different scents: charcoal, cucumber basil, lavender, mint citrus and orange blossom. 

A single spray bottle (and a clip-on version) is available through Anthropologie, or you can get a three, six or 12-pack of bottles straight from the company

Source: HoMedics

10. Get a mini break

HoMedics Holly Jolly Mini Massager

Price: $9.99

Give the gift of a little calming relaxation this year with HoMedic’s holly jolly mini massager. This palm-sized vibration massager is easy to grip and perfect for decompressing or easing stress-related aches and pains.

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