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Everyone deserves their beauty sleep, but you haven’t experienced real beauty sleep until you’ve slept on a Bathpack Silkie. Made from the highest grade of 100% mulberry silk, it’s the most luxurious pillowcase you’ll ever own.. This breathable, lightweight, silky soft material will leave your hair and skin refreshed, and dare we say glowing, every morning.

Key Benefits:

- Anti-aging and anti-crease

- Hypoallergenic/Anti-Allergy

- Keeps your hair smooth 

Regular cotton pillowcases can destroy your hair. With the Bathpack Silkie, there’s no need to fear damage, breakage, or spend your mornings battling frizz. You can finally wake up already having an amazing hair day. 

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We're proud that Bathpack is a woman, minority, and veteran-owned business. ❤️ We're dedicated to over 40,000 customers who love our products.

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