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Bathpack Styling Clips 4-pack
Bathpack Styling Clips 4-pack

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Does your hair keep getting in your face as you try to style it? At Bathpack, we understand your plight. That’s why we developed these incredible sectioning clamps to help you hold your hair back while you style it. Unlike metal alligator clips, these clamps won’t get tangled in your hair or tug at your roots. 

With our clips’ ergonomic design, they’re also less likely to pinch you. Sometimes you use bobby pins to hold back your hair, but those are prone to get lost in your locks — especially if you have thick, coarse hair. Stop taking the harder path and instead invest in our painless, no-slip-grip hair clips. These clips easily slide into your hair. 

They feature a second jaw, which helps secure their hold and lock your clips into place. These clips have a stippled grip, which feels comfortable against your thumb and helps you hold onto your clips while you are in the middle of styling hair. Add these hair clips to your beauty supplies today!

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