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Your hair deserves some TLC! Give it the care it needs with Bathpack’s detangling brush. This gorgeous brush comes in a lovely silver color and features an easy-grip handle that is made to conform to the shape of your hand. The flexible bristles of this brush allow it to smoothly glide through your hair, detangling knots and kinks. 

The bristles are super thin and durable, so they can pass through tangles without causing pain. This hairbrush is ideal for people with sensitive scalps. The synthetic bristles make it so there’s no tugging or pulling as you comb your hair. 

Brushing wet hair is usually ill-advised because it causes breakage. Fortunately, the bristles on this detangling brush won’t damage your delicate hair. Instead, they will smooth out your tresses to create pretty locks. Get this detangling brush as a gift for a loved one. You can give it to a special someone for their birthday, for Christmas, or for some other special occasion. Add the brush to your hair accessories today!

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Separating good hair from great hair.


Why Bathpack's Silver Brush?

  • Detangles unruly or knotted hair

  • Massages and stimulates the scalp

  • Produce thicker hair

  • Conditions, smooths, and adds shine

  • Reduce breakage

The magic behind our most popular brush!


These bristles are strong, skinny, and ultra-conforming. They’re strong enough to unknot tangles yet gentle enough for a pain-free brushing experience. They will help you evenly distribute the natural oils in your hair, creating allover shine instead of concentrated grease, which can give you an unkempt appearance.

Typically, you have to be careful when brushing wet hair because it can cause damage. However, our detangling brush is specially designed to comb through wet or damp hair. No breakage here!