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Who says beauty is pain? Channel your inner diva without all the discomfort using our creaseless Hair Halos. Hair Halos will give you the seductive high ponytail you’ve always wanted, without kinks, creases, or headaches! These traceless hair ties are gentle on your hair, so there’s no pulling, tugging, or denting. They also provide a secure hold. Just tie up your hair and you’re good to go! 

These hair ties are also painless. Since they’re not too tight, they won’t cause tension headaches. These ponytail holders are also smooth on your scalp, making sure not to pull any hairs taut. This smoothness helps to eliminate breakage and split ends, so you can have long, luxurious hair. What girl doesn’t love getting beauty products? Get them today!

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Say Goodbye To Annoying Bumps!


Elastics and scrunchies may hold your ponytail in, but they can leave behind creases and kinks. Our hair ties eliminate that problem. These coiled bands are gentle on your hair while offering a secure hold. Say goodbye to annoying bumps, and say hello to beautiful, creaseless hair! Order today!

The Magic Behind The Hold!


Are you tired of your ponytails coming undone? At Bathpack, we get you. That’s why we developed these telephone-cord-shaped hair ties. Their jelly-like texture provides a good grip without pulling or tugging at your hair strands. They also have a bungee-like stretch, so you can wrap the band around your hair several times.

Typically, you have to be careful when brushing wet hair because it can cause damage. However, our detangling brush is specially designed to comb through wet or damp hair. No breakage here!