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Ashley's Healthy Hair Growth Pack

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Ashley's Healthy Hair Growth Pack

Product Description

Ashley is dedicated to helping you have Healthy Hair! This is her healthy hair growth pack. Including Bathpack's Hair Oil, Boar Bristle Brush, and our signature Silver Brush. 

Our Hair oil was created with your hair in mind. It simultaneously smooths and refreshes your hairstyle while protecting and healing hair follicles.

How does it work? Pure Argan Oil hydrates and repairs hair while providing UV and thermal protection from sun rays and heated styling. Bathpack Hair Oil also reduces hair drying time, is great for reviving extensions, and provides a soft, beautiful shine.

Our Boar Bristle Brush gently massages the scalp, increasing blood flow and unclogging the hair follicles. It also helps distribute natural oils and reduce the appearance of greasy scalps. This can promote healthy hair growth.

The Silver Brush Detangling Brush utilizes impressionable bristles that are super skinny, strong and conforming. Our brush cascades through all types of tangles effortlessly. 



Ashley's Inspiration for the "Healthy Hair Growth Pack"

"I got [Bathpack] as a Christmas Present. And wow they are a GAME CHANGER on my head. Backstory - I had some healthy issues in 2018 that caused my hair to fall out similar to post-partum hair loss (not bald, just extremely thin and bald spots). I have been trying desperately to regrow my hair and streghten. Following jasmin, vitamins, not washing, all of it. But i felt like any work I did by not washing my hair was ruined by brushing my hair. It would just break off in masses in my hair brush. I tried bathpack because what do i have to lose and WOW! They are SO much gentler on my hair. I have seen a 75% decrease of hair in my brush. Even the bristle one for massaging my scalp is gentle on my hair. I feel like I can brush my hair again without losing it all and wanting to cry. Who knew such a simple purchase could be such a game changer. It's magincally better than your average brush, THANK YOU!"

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